Green's Sawmill Services



Sawmill Services offered include:



  1. Specialty sawing – in addition to traditional lumber milling, I can cut your logs into halves, quarters, square opposite sides or I can square all four sides to make large beams for your building or project needs. I can mill logs to whatever thickness you ask and can leave one or two live edges for siding, fireplace mantels, bookmatching, and slabs for benches or other wood-working projects.
  1. On-Site Sawing – for larger orders to reduce your transportation and handling costs I will bring my equipment and mill your logs on your site. Minimum requirement applies to justify moving my mill. Instead of you making multiple trips with logs to the mill I bring the mill to you and we cut your lumber right there where you plan to use it.
  1. While you wait – Designed for small orders. Allows you to schedule ahead and you stack your order as it comes off the mill. You deliver your logs, provide labor to help move logs and stack your lumber as it is cut. You return with milled lumber on the same trip. Best price and response for your lumber sawing. No minimum requirement.
  1. Drop off – Designed for small orders. Allows customer to drop off logs at my site, I mill them and customer picks them up when milling is complete. No minimum requirement – just schedule before delivery so I know you are coming and am set up to receive your order. Leave your trailer and I’ll stack your lumber directly off the mill on to it to preclude double handling.
  1. Special order Poplar and Spruce lumber – I have some excess poplar and spruce trees on my property that I will cut and mill to order for your building or project needs. This can include all framing, roofing supports and sheeting if you want to build a barn or storage building. You provide your cut list and a small deposit and I will go cut down the trees and mill them to your exact specifications. On occasion I have other types of salvaged wood such as spruce, walnut, cherry, ash, buckeye, etc available due to storm or insect damage.



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