Green's Sawmill Services


Following are the rates for sawing at various locations and conditions
Rates for clean straight logs >12" dia, straight sawn
Client site – w/client provided labor $.30/bf $300 min
Client site – sawyer provided labor/Flat stacked $.35/bf $300 min
Client site – sawyer provided labor with stickering of lumber $.40/bf $300 min
While U wait/Client provided labor at sawyer site $.30/bf No minimum fee at sawyer site
Drop off at Sawyer site – Flat Stacked $.35/bf No minimum fee at sawyer site

Rates for Small, dirty, short or cooked logs, thin cut & quartersawing
Small, dirty, short or crooked logs. Specialty sawing – thin cuts, quartersawn, slabs, beams, half sawn, cookies, etc. Outside scope work such as log prep, delimbing, bucking logs,sawing slabs into firewood, etc $60/hr $300 min No minimum fee at sawyer site

Mobilization and other fees:
Mobilization to site (One way – one time fee) $1.00/mile 50 miles or less
Multiple Relocations of mill on site $20/occurrence
Remote sawing (Over 50 miles from home base in Hinton) To Be Discussed Lodging, per diem and travel fees may apply
Foreign material Blade Damage $25/blade Wire, nails, bullets, rocks, etc
Dry Stickers (approximately 1"X1"X48") $.25 each

Definitions and Notes
Payment is required by cash or check weekly or immediately upon completion of milling – whichever occurs first
BF (Board Foot)= 144 cubic inches of wood (a board 1"X12"X12", 2"X6" X12",1"X6"X24" etc)" Thin cuts (less than 1" thick) are counted as 1" or will be billed as hourly
WV Sales tax applies as appropriate – if you are tax exempt provide exemption certificate prior to completion of sawing or pay WV sales tax